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Server Rules

 Not you !
On our servers run games that are not suitable for players under 16. By clicking on the OK button on the login screen of the server, you confirms the server rules and therefore that you are 16 years or older. You are not yet 16 years old, you are allowed not to play on our servers. We reserve the right to ban players from the server, where we suspect that they do not have this minimum age.

Administrators should be an example for fair play on the servers. They should not insult players who openly criticize the server or use their rights for no reason. However, should a player feel treated unfairly, he has the right to contact via contact through the website on the game server administration. His concern is then reviewed by several admins.

Cheats are not permitted on the servers. You are punishable with a permanent ban.

Accused of cheating / fraud by other players
The allegations of fraud (without the proof) worsen the mood on the servers by having doubts about the players accused of fraud arise. Each player has the option of demos from other players to customize and submit it to the game server administration. Accordingly, an accusation without proof on the servers will not be tolerated. A player accused another player of cheating or cheating, he is penalized with a kick. He makes it on to reconnect, he is under a ban imposed.

Racism / Anti-Semitism
Racist and anti-Semitic remarks are not tolerated on the servers and punishable with occasional or by repetition and a permanent ban.

To ensure a good atmosphere, fair play, tolerance and civility on the servers, insults are subject to a ban of 1 hour, if the player is currently on the server. Is not just the players on the server, set a spell time of 1 day. Players expressing their lack of Respect towards other in permanent injuries to expect a permanent ban.

Nick / Image
Players with a racist, anti-Semitic or glorifying terrorism play Nick / image on the servers, be warned by a kick. They should be using the same pseudonym and image re-engage on the server, a spell made for 1:00 hours. When repetition is a permanent ban.

The constant sending identical messages, and patients continued the nick change is using a script warned by the administrator. If there is no response to the warning is a kick. If the player has yet learned nothing from the kick, a ban is for 1:00 hours.

Team-kill (TK) / Hostage-kill
From the hand grenade level is activated Friendly Fire. Hostage- and team-kills can happen in the heat of battle, but are penalized with point deduction and loss levels. Intended TK, for whatever reason (eg.. Revenge, etc.), is punished with a spell of 1:00 hour. Notorious team-kill will also accept a permanent ban.
The same applies to players who shoot their teammates on purpose (without killing them) in order to weaken it.

Players can be kicked by the admin or automatically when the team balance is irregular and can be improved. The admins agree to do so only until the end of the warm-up lap.

Abuse of the microphone
A player who uses his microphone to sing, make music, to transmit different music to tell his resume, the whereabouts of other players to reveal or disseminate to any other game permanently disturbing noises will be kicked and repeat at 1:00 for hours banned. He has not learned from it, may be a permanent ban.

Use of bugs in maps
It is a kick and a caution re-entry through the admin On repeating a ban is for 1:00 hours.

The admins reserve the right to kick spectators, when the slots are occupied and blocked by the spectator slots players can no longer connect.

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